How to Find The Place of Truth

Truth and the Land of Truth must exist within my mind at all times. For this to be realized,  you must discard the Karma, Habits, and Body, which is the Human Mind.

A Simple and Systematic Method to Change the Human Mind to the Universe Mind

Your mind will expand to the extent that it has been cleansed. The effects from this meditation can be seen by the change and expansion of your consciousness.

Living With Clarity

Improved Confidence

Real Beauty

Boost Efficiency

Always Happy

No Pain, Burden, or Stress

Know What is True and What is False

Know All the Ways of the World

Here's How to Meditate

Step 1

Reflect on Your Lived Life

Step 2

Learn the Way to Cleanse Your Mind

Step 3

Experience Your Mind Changing to the Perspective of the Universe

Three Ways to Meditate

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What People Are Saying

"I've been able to clean my mind and live a more present life. I have grown to accept myself and the world. I feel more connected with not only myself but the people around me."

Martin M.

Film Industry

Beverly Hills

"There’s nothing that I want to change because everything is beautiful the way it is. This meditation is valuable, it’s worth it, and it’s important to share because it changed my life and it can help people to change their lives.”

Veronica O.


Santa Monica

"I've become happier and more productive than I've ever been in my life. For the first time in my life I don't suffer from anxiety, it's like I can finally breathe.”

Gary A.

Graphic Designer


Meditation Videos

These videos will help you to feel a deep understanding of our meditation and how you can become enlightened.

You will be able to see what makes this meditation different and how to find the Truth within yourself.


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