What are good daily habits?

Ellen Park , Lived in Gaborone, Botswana

I recommend for the daily habit


Emptying is also an essential skill in our life. There is a lot of advantage to emptying. I’ll share examples below.

-Delete files from your devices There might be unnecessary apps, pictures, documents, etc on your laptop or cell phone. Rearrange the files or delete them if it doesn’t need. Unorganized files only slow down your devices.

-Clean up the room You can start with tidying up your desk or making a bed. Unnecessary post-it that I put up 2 months ago could be still on the wall.

-Anything that looks complicated around me. It could be a bunch of paper files, clothes, storage, refrigeration, bin, etc.

There are many cases there are still things around that you don't need anymore. Let's reconsider whether I really need it or not and boldly clean it up if you don't need it. You can refresh your mind just by organizing things. Someone might need the courage to empty the stuff. But once you clean up, you can feel much good and fresh than you thought.

You don’t need to do it all at once. Little by little. Part by part when you have time like 5~10mins. You may have already experienced frustration while trying to be perfect at once. Steadiness is much more important than perfection.

-Meditate But actually, all one’s behaviors are representations of one’s mind. So, a person with messy surroundings may be a case where the person's mind is already fulled or exhausted. It’s not that one just doesn’t want to organize, but because one’s mind is already full of a lot of thinking, one could feel lethargic, so it can be hard to be aware or care about surroundings.

There is a way to cleanse our minds. Cleansing your mind will help you change your behavior and help you put plans into action. Disturbing minds might have come from social life, relationship, or worries about the future. Once you let go of distractions you become more intuitive and efficient. Also, it helps you find calmness and peace within.

If you want to know how to clear your mind, plz refer to this below.🌱

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